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Stupid or evil?

We’ve all been treated to a great deal of drama over the past week as Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama proposed that veterans be required to purchase their own health insurance to cover the treatment costs of combat-related injuries.  The government, he reasoned, is overburdened already.  If soldiers continue to plague us with requests for prosthetic limbs and artificial eyes, how will we pay for tattoo removal programs, studies of barnyard animal flatulence, and the needs of octuplets born to a professional breeder with no visible means of support?

Contrary to popular opinion, President Obama is no genius.  His latest aborted stunt was so transparent, I can only conclude the Messiah has grown blind from basking in the glow of his neon halo.  Obama may be an arrogant ass, but not for a moment did I believe he wanted military veterans to bear the costs associated with treatment of their war injuries.  I found it a bit daunting that so many people bought his artificial premise.

It’s common knowledge among thinking people that Obama knows his fans are stupid.  He’s depending on it.  In their company, a man of ordinary intelligence, such as himself, can demand and receive respect.  He can even become president.  There’s no danger of his minions researching topics when their thirst for knowledge can be quelled with bumper sticker slogans.  As long as there’s electricity for the Wii and enough cash for cigarettes, Obama’s loyal following will remain intact and blissfully ignorant.  Those who have questioned Obama’s motives since the early days of the primaries, however, should have immediately recognized that Obama would not be so stupid as to forsake the veterans unless they were pawns in a larger game. 

Given that health insurance premiums already challenge the wallets of healthy Americans, it stands to reason that veterans whose injuries will require lifelong care will be unable to afford private insurance.  Obama overestimated his popularity when he pompously assumed the masses would support any idea he proffered.  Abandoning veterans was not his goal, but rather a means to an end.  In Obama’s socialist vision, veterans and their supporters would storm Washington, demanding that premiums be lowered so the heroes who sacrificed themselves for us could afford the care to which they are entitled.  Donning a cape and tights (borrowed from Rahm Emmanuel, probably), Obama would order insurance companies to reduce premiums to federally mandated minimums for all veterans.  That, Obama believed, would silence the veterans.  But to offset the costs associated with the heroes’ chronic injuries, the evil insurance companies would have no choice but to drastically raise premiums for other customers.  Employers would be unable to afford the increase and stop offering health insurance to workers.  And workers would be unable to afford the coverage at the prohibitively priced rates.  The masses, in Obama’s dream, would then storm Washington and demand that the all-caring government do something to unburden them.  Again, Obama would don his cape and tights, condemn the greedy insurance companies for their failure, and announce a federal takeover of the health care industry.  After all, what choice would he have?  He would only be responding to the desperate need of the public.  In his mind, that makes him not a manipulative socialist, but a beloved hero.

I’m torn between describing Obama as stupid for thinking such a ploy would work or calling him evil for concocting such a plan, in the first place.  I’m inclined toward the latter, since Obama’s yes-men are largely responsible for perpetuating his arrogance.  Arrogance and stupidity are closely related, but not the same. 

Though Obama has shelved his plan to absolve the government of responsibility for veterans’ health care, I have no doubt his similarly inclined and more intelligent cohorts are working on a plan B.  The stench of socialism is thick in the air.  The only mystery that remains is which underdog group will be played next in Obama’s quest for ultimate control.  If his next power grab is to be successful, he’d better choose a group that’s less sympathetic than veterans.  Even the coldest of Obama’s associates blanched at the notion of abandoning men and women whose devotion to our country knows no measure.  It’s a pity their Commander in Chief doesn’t know the meaning of the word sacrifice.