Say nice things about the wise Latina!


At the risk of seeming like a racist (who are we kidding — I’m of Eurowhitey descent so let’s just assume I hate everyone whose skin doesn’t glow in the dark!), I’d like to point out the ookie resemblance between former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega and Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.  You’d think the same people who did the math on Sarah Palin’s and her daughter Bristol’s pregnancies would have jumped on something as obvious as this.  If we were supposed to conclude that Bristol Palin’s uterus operates like a Pez dispenser, hurtling forth babies every eight and a half months, why should we not suspect a tryst between a young Panamanian soldier and a Bronx housewife in September of 1953?  Maybe because it’s absurd.  Almost as absurd as thinking a governor wore body padding in an attempt to pass off her grandson as her own child.  Weird how that story disappeared once Bristol Palin delivered her son and the math just didn’t work.  Oops! 

For the past few days, the weenies in Washington have disrespected the Supreme Court as much as the judicial nominee seated before them disrespects the role of lawmakers in the political process.  Democrats, who subsist on a steady diet of anything-but-white boot dirt, practically hummed patriotic songs while their colleagues read facts about Sotomayor’s life from her Wikipedia entry.  She was poor and lived among the brown people!  Praise the Lord!  Her father couldn’t speak English and died when she was a child!  Thank you Jesus for taking her daddy!  She felt uncomfortable in the Ivy League school she attended due to affirmative action!  She’s as godly as Obama,  the patron saint of opportunism!  Sotomayor’s evasive and even deceptive answers to questions were so overshadowed by the idiocy of her questioners, her ascention is assured.  Apparently, the democrats aren’t accustomed to sharing breathing space with someone of Latin descent who isn’t carrying a feather duster or leaf blower.  And when confronted with the unfamiliar, why not gush like a tween at a Jonas Brothers appearance?

The republicans were, if possible, even more pathetic.  So afraid they are of being called racist or sexist (which they will be regardless of what they do), they ignored facets of Sotomayor’s record that should have disqualified her from consideration in the first place.  She’s a member of La Raza, an organization that advocates the ceding of Southwestern states to Mexico and opposes any enforcement of immigration laws.  And in speeches, she regularly advocates lawmaking from the judicial branch of government.  Either she has no understanding of or disregards the reasons for having separate branches of government.  So like her patron, Obama, she’s either stupid or evil.  But rather than address these serious concerns, the republicans repeatedly asked about her belief that a “wise Latina” such as herself will likely show better judgment than a white man, since he’s never been a Latina (duh?).  And republicans even accepted Sotomayor’s justification for her racist statement, which she dismissed as a throwaway line that fell flat.  Never mind that she continued using the line in speech after speech.  I’m sorry, but wasn’t she supposed to be smart?  Oh, wait — she was probably just lying!

It’s been a long time since I expected fairness from politicians, but some part of me actually had faith in the judicial system and the notion that all men will be treated equally in the eyes of the law.  But the public actually elected a color to the presidency last year, rather than a man, and that color is treating the whole of Washington like a Benneton ad.  The people who have the power to right the ship don’t have the will to do so.  And I can’t help but think of my father and all the other old soldiers looking down on this fiasco from the afterlife, probably crying at what’s become of the country for which they were willing to sacrifice their lives.  What I wouldn’t give to send a few hundred politicians to their eternal reward (such as it may be) in exchange for the good men who saved the republic from assured destruction in the past.


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