obama throws cops under bus in eternal quest for street cred


Once again forgetting that he’s as white as he is black and not so much a ghetto punk as an Eddie Haskell, Barack Obama made an ass of himself in a dispute that has brought to light the president’s delicious lack of judgment.  We all know the incident well by now.  After responding to a call from a passer-by who witnessed someone attempting to force open the front door of a house, police encountered so-called educator Henry Louis Gates, who had attempted to enter through the front door, but upon finding it stubborn, entered through another door.  Sgt. James Crowley, a white officer, offended the pompous professor by having the audacity to ask for identification that showed him to be the legal occupant of the house.  As we learned during the past few election cycles, courtesy of ACORN activists, it should be illegal to ask people of color for identification.  I’ve never been provided with a substantive explanation as to what makes ID cards racist, but I assume there’s something about the shiny laminate that’s vaguely reminiscent of shackles and recalls past-life traumas.

After becoming belligerent with Sgt. Crowley and proving his Harvard worthiness with a reference to Crowley’s mother, Gates was arrested for refusing to cooperate.  As as an Ivy League educated professor of African and African American studies, Gates should be above such a  stunt  — one infinitely more befitting an aspiring rapper.  Rather than show his ID and quell the passer-by’s and police’s concerns that his house was being broken into, Gates chose instead to behave like an asshole.  And when the police treated him as such, he claimed victim status and said his experience is that of the black community as a whole.  Apparently, being asked for ID when someone reports possible burglars entering your home is akin to being gunned down by cops in a case of mistaken identity.  And cases such as this trivialize legitimate cases of racial harrassment.

Obama, never one to pass on an opportunity to stoke racial fires, admitted to knowing few details about the Gates arrest for disorderly conduct, but went ahead and accused the police of “acting stupidly” anyway.  Must be part of the great racial wisdom Obama accumulated on the mean streets of his Honolulu private school.  Remarkably, Obama seemed surprised that his words inspired such a backlash.  Police across the country leapt to Crowley’s defense, demanding apologies from both Gates and Obama.  Gates, who’s gone all Joe the Plumber in his quest for celebrity, will never apologize, since he’s now a symbol of oppression for opportunistic blacks who find themselves increasingly short of poster boys.  And Obama, who’s never issued an apology in his life because he believes himself to have papal infallibility (although the pope’s infallibility applies only to theological issues — a key distinction between the American messiah and the leader of the Catholic Church), pulled a Jane Fonda and said he was sorry his statement had turned into an obsession for so many people.  In other words, you’re the problem, not Obama’s fiercely stupid statement!

Obama used race to shore up his voting base during the primaries, since race is one of the most expolitable issues a politician has.  It’s what drew Obama to Chicago in the first place, what inspired him to join a church whose theology preaches classical racism (the belief that one race is genetically superior to others), and what caused him to write a book touting his absentee father’s great influence on his life, while dismissing the grandmother who raised him as a typical white woman.   Would it not be fair to say Obama’s father was a typical black man — at least by American standards?  After all, 70% of black children in the US are born to unmarried mothers and damned near that many have only intermittent, if any, contact with the men who knocked up their undiscriminating mothers.  Obama is as much a race whore as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  The only difference is that it’s taken many people longer to catch onto his motives.

In his boot-licker, Eddie-Haskell mode, but still unwilling to apologize for the inappropriateness of his comment, Obama phoned Sgt. Crowley and made nice, issuing his standard non-specific invitation to the White House for a beer.  That’s what Obama does when associating with white people, whom he believes can be appeased into submission by the mere suggestion that they’re worthy of an audience with him.  To make matters worse, Obama said he hopes the Gates arrest can wind up being a “teachable moment.”  People might use it to improve race relations, rather than “flinging accusations.”  On its surface, that sounds like a real Sesame Street moment and I’m sure that’s exactly how Obama wants it to sound.  But since Obama’s the one who flung the accusations in the wake of the Gates arrest, he’s hardly qualified to be the voice of calm.  He may have given a shout-out to voters who couldn’t care less about his policies, as long as he does a sufficient job of portraying himself as a black man, but he did so at the expense of cops whose jobs were dangerous enough without the president implying they’re prowling the streets, hunting black people.  Only an asshole would compromise the safety of police officers to gratify his own ego.


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