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welfare state: the musical!


A few people I know thought I was crazy when, as it was becoming evident the country was in recession, I began spending fairly large amounts of money on recreational items.  Guitars, specifically.  And recording equipment.  It wasn’t that I was impervious to the rising cost of gasoline and groceries, by any means.  My income has actually declined in recent years and wasn’t class-reunion-bragworthy before that.  But I’m more or less comfortable and know from experience I can live on pasta and store-brand cereal, if it comes to that.

Like most people who voted for John McCain, I was not even remotely enthusiastic about the thought of a waffling weasel taking the oath of office and implementing hideous policies that will drive the country further into despair.  McCain would have had border patrol officers greeting illegals with kisses and leis as they crossed into a once-great nation to bear countless children at the expense of the already burdened American citizen.  And like his opponent, McCain chose emotion over science in response to the global warming alarmists.  So under President McCain, we would have paid increased taxes for lesser lives, since that’s what the government now sells as the American dream.  Many of us resent being asked to support such a candidate and only did so because the alternative was slightly worse.  But the fact that Obama drew swooning crowds of minions who would have trampled each other to catch a turd, had he thrown one, made it clear to me that an Obama administration was inevitable.  Hence the need to buy toys.

President Obama has promised tax rebates to more than 90% of the population, including those who already pay no taxes.  That makes the rebates welfare, which we’ll never hear from Obama.  If the only people who will be paying federal income taxes are those who earn in excess of $200,000, is it unreasonable for me to think those people will soon close their businesses, take their money and run?  Two years from now, how many of these so-called “more fortunate” people will still be generating $200,000 in income for confiscation by the government?  Not many.  And by that time, Obama will have engendered in millions of people a sense of total dependency on government.  Sure, there won’t be any federal taxes coming in to redistribute to the gigantic, new welfare class.  Plus, those people can’t exactly find jobs to support themselves, since Obama has taxed the business class into extinction.  But I’m sure we can all get by on hope and change.  Yes, we can!

I work for one of those filthy rich bastards Obama loathes.  My employer, in fact, is an Obama supporter.  He claims to be optimistic while making plans to consolidate two stores into one, reduce costs through job elimination, and sell the business at a huge loss.  I was assured my job is safe, though in the same sentence Mr. Jones advised me to “take advantage of any job opportunity that comes your way.”  My boss seems to have gleaned his political acumen by reading bumper stickers.  My job is not actually mine, but his, though he has allowed me to use it for fifteen years.  I’m grateful for that, but find myself wanting to sound the hypocrite alert whenever he speaks.  And I resent that he basically voted away the future of my country, since he’s already got his millions and can outrun the juggernaut socialist train.  He’s 23 years my senior, as well, so his likely death in the next 15 years gives him an escape not afforded the people who will have to live with the consequences of his (and others’) political ignorance.

The Obama fans (rather than supporters, which suggests some understanding of his proposed policies) I know profess optimism at the beginning of their messiah’s first term, yet their actions contradict their lip service.  They have radically reduced their spending to build a financial cushion for a dismal future, they wait in line for lottery tickets wearing their Obama propaganda gear, and they bitterly complain that the country has been heading downhill for the past couple years, which they attribute to Bush policies they cannot describe.  They don’t believe the free health care they’ve been promised will be rationed, since Obama cares too much to allow that to happen.  And if I suggest Obama embraces socialism, they ask how I could say such a thing.  “Because he wrote about it in his biographies,” I say.  Then I’m dismissed, since Obama voters aren’t exactly the reading kind.  Well, let me correct myself.  They read bumper stickers.

I’m anticipating a grim decade during which our country ceases to be a world power and instead becomes France, Jr.  Since my views preclude me from government job consideration, I expect to spend a great deal of time unemployed, in my home, wondering where it all went so wrong and what could have been done to prevent it.  That’s where my toys enter the picture, since they will enable me to cling to my sanity by providing a constructive outlet for my frustration.  Perhaps I’ll write a musical about the fall of a nation.  God knows, I’ll have as much material as time.  I doubt their piles of losing lottery tickets will similarly entertain the Obama masses.  Then again, people who fall for platitudes probably aren’t in danger of going mad from introspection.  They’re so emotionally invested in their great mocha hero they will never concede that his actions made them complacent, unmotivated welfare losers.  As long as their government checks arrive on time, why should they care?


Awash in a sea of stupidity

Get Smart Obama style

Forgive me for not feeling optimistic, but I’ve never been one to embrace bumper sticker slogans as theology and cannot for the life of me see the allure of Barack Obama.  As far as I can tell after extended research, Obama has never provided a single good or service to society in exchange for a paycheck.  When his Harvard Law classmates hit the pavement in pursuit of legal careers, Obama instead headed to the seedy streets of Chicago.  We’re told he did this because of a newfound devotion to public service, but don’t most civic-minded people also have day jobs?  The kind of jobs where they provide goods and services?  And where, exactly, does one apply to care in exchange for money?

 Obama’s past employers have not been charities, despite rumors to the contrary.  They are, in fact, political organizations rooted in the socialist policies proffered by the likes of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.  ACORN may claim political indifference, but its actions on behalf of democrat politicians leave little room for plausible deniability.  For those of you who don’t know what plausible deniabilitymeans, it’s a legal term.  Obama would understand it.  Call me a cynic, but I’m 100% certain Mr. Obama arrived in Chicago not with goodness in his heart, but rather with a plan to exploit the plights of ignorant people in his own pursuit of power.  While I don’t believe Obama is as brilliant as his fans claim, I do not think he is stupid.  He is a student of human behavior and knows how to recognize an exploitable weakness.  The south side of Chicago reeks of weakness.  Ask the people there what type of government we have in the United States and you’ll learn we’re a democracy.  That’s what they were taught in government schools, courtesy of well-meaning teachers who don’t know any better, themselves.  Ignorance begat ignorance.  There’s no better environment in which to pass off Marxist philosophies as those of the founding fathers, so Obama made Chicago his launch pad. 

I believe that Obama is neither a Muslim nor a Christian.  But membership in a congregation is a prerequisite for a career in national politics, so Obama dutifully attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church just often enough to be seen, but not so often that he couldn’t deny knowing his pastor is a radical racist.  Again, it’s about plausible deniability.  That seems to be the single facet of the legal system Obama embraced during his Harvard years.

What I find objectionable about Obama’s socialist leanings pales when I consider his personal failings.  Born to a white mother and abandoned by his African father when he was a toddler, he was raised largely by loving maternal grandparents who made sure their only grandson received the fine education he would use to launch his political career.  By all accounts, including Obama’s, they were decent people.  Obama’s continued defense of Rev. Wright, whose now-famous racist diatribes attack the very foundation of Obama’s life, mystifies me.  Even in allowing himself to be classified as “a black man” rather than a multi-racial one, Obama rejects half of his own heritage.  That he would sit in a pew and listen to a so-called man of God denigrate and condemn anyone on the basis of race — much less the people who loved him unconditionally — can only lead me to conclude Obama is either ashamed of his whiter half or a shameless opportunist.  I find neither inspiring.

Don’t assume a McCain presidency would give me a warm glow, since nothing could be further from the truth.  John McCain reminds me of a classic nerd who swaggers a bit when casually addressed as stud, except in McCain’s case, he started believing the maverick nonsense.  Unless maverick describes someone whose decision-making capacity mirrors that of a schizophrenic, McCain is no maverick.  But unlike Obama, McCain is ruled by his desire to be loved while appearing statesmanlike.  His principles are liquid, taking the shape of whatever container surrounds them.

President Obama could have dissenters collected and contained in FEMA concentration camps and the media would call his decision tough, but judicious.  If he replaced our criminal code with that of the UN, newscasters would describe it as an overdue reform that could only have been undertaken by a visionary.  And if he inadvertently burned down the White House with a carelessly discarded cigarette, Barbara Walters (who appeared on the verge of sexually servicing Obama during her most recent interview) would say Obama had done us a favor, since President Bush had left the structure in such poor condition, it was barely habitable for a family of the Obamas’ standing.  I say these things as a former journalist who wonders what has become of her profession.  The reporters I knew loathed our peers who abandoned journalism for the more lucrative pastures of public relations.  I can’t imagine what made them jump the fence without the commensurate pay increase.  Perhaps Obama’s nimbus is impenetrable and they’re trapped in its shadow.

Anyway, I’m frustrated, angry, and in all likelihood doomed.  We all are, given what’s become of the republic.  Sadly, the masses are so hypnotized by the shiny penny Obama that they won’t even realize their losses for years, if then.  Oh, to be young and stupid again.

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